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The Christmas Spirit: A Paranormal Holiday Adventure – J. M. Phillippe

Excellent writing about the Christmas Spirit, literally. A delightful contemporary NA based on Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, full of funny references. A novel to enjoy

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Stairway to Heaven – Cheryle Williams

A young rising teenage star gets trampled to death during the recordings of what could have been her breakthrough performance. But as if dying had

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Bit Grim, Isn’t It? – Christopher Galvin

A bit late with my review. A rather lot of a bit late. And not due to the writing of Christopher Galvin, I can assure

English Review horror

Mamzer – Kenneth Kohl

A different take on vampires in a world out of Kenneth’s fantasy. Mamzer promises to be a tale in which vampires are vulnerable and different

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Ghosts of Bliss Bayou – Jack Massa

A captivating story about a young teenage girl who is pestered by the paranormal and has to learn how to cultivate her skills. Jack Massa

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Poker Kingdom – The Smile of the Harlequin – V. Cervilla

When the future of the Kingdom of Poker is at stake, heroes and heroines from all of the four domains will have to work together


Mr Darcy, Vampyre – Amanda Grange

Following the marriage of Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet, there’s a secret being kept, there is danger ahead, and there’s a honeymoon journey completely different

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Evergreen Avenue: Book One 1970s –  Amelia Keldan

Promoted as a women’s fiction with supernatural elements, this slow burning novel is full of mystery and family drama. Let this story take you back to the seventies. The Story Set

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Shadows of Wychering – Michael Wigington

Follow the footsteps of a young mage on a quest. In this novella magic is key, lizards are the enemy and love is on the

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The Separation – Stormy Corrin Russell

Ever taken the term Gender War literally? In a dystopian futuristic world where men and women live separately, Eroyn Fairchild struggles to take care of