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Ghosts of Bliss Bayou – Jack Massa

A captivating story about a young teenage girl who is pestered by the paranormal and has to learn how to cultivate her skills. Jack Massa

English Review

Poker Kingdom – The Smile of the Harlequin – V. Cervilla

When the future of the Kingdom of Poker is at stake, heroes and heroines from all of the four domains will have to work together

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Evergreen Avenue: Book One 1970s –  Amelia Keldan

Promoted as a women’s fiction with supernatural elements, this slow burning novel is full of mystery and family drama. Let this story take you back to the seventies. The Story Set

English Review

Shadows of Wychering – Michael Wigington

Follow the footsteps of a young mage on a quest. In this novella magic is key, lizards are the enemy and love is on the

English Review

The Separation – Stormy Corrin Russell

Ever taken the term Gender War literally? In a dystopian futuristic world where men and women live separately, Eroyn Fairchild struggles to take care of


The Liftsal Guardians – Alexandra Moody

A young fighter on a self-set mission to rescue her brother, a tall alien prince who doesn’t want to let her leave; can Sloane fulfill


Touch of Rain – Teyla Branton

A detective with a hint of the paranormal, filled with suspense, love and betrayal. Touch of Rain by Teyla Branton is a compelling story you


The Christmas of a Countess – Linda Rae Sande

A romantic and sensual seasonal novel, The Christmas of a Countess tells the tale of a newlywed couple’s first holiday together. Although set in a cold and


Genesis – Conner Walworth

Listed as a science fiction adventure in the vein of Jurassic Park and Journey to the Center of the Earth, Genesis is the story of